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Attis SH
member, spacehawks

Professional Software Developer

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Amiga Világ
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Was born: 1974.09.19
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 92 95 98 kg
(planning to lose weight soon using a special beer drinking technique)

Main Occupation: Game Programmer at Mithis Entertainment Ltd.
As Group Member: coder and 3D artist
Preferences Related to: Unices, Amiga, Science Fiction, 3D Modelling, Gaming, Modern Weapons, Astronomy
Tools extensively used:
Vim (every single editing task)
gcc (linux, cygwin, mingw), Microsoft Visual Studio (C++ development)
Python (tool programming)
GIMP (picture retouch)

Favourite tools:
Vim, Python, Wings 3D, Blender, Ogre
Most admired graphician: I know only Emeric SH
Most admired programmer: Scott Johnston, David Braben, Sid Meier
Most admired writer: Ian Watson, Larry Niven, Isaac Asimov
Best movie seen: Black Cat, White Cat
Best computer game: Hired Guns (Psygnosys, 1993)
Best book: Ian Watson - Space Marine
Best music ever: Sheryl Crow - Sweet Child O'Mine
Best actor: Dexter from his Secret Laboratory
Most important thing on Earth: To look for a new most important thing