CZECH NEWS - A not so old, but the most rapidly evolving News site. Regular update and polls, and a huge link section.
    AMIGA.ORG - Always the most up to date Amiga related News, regular polls. Possibly the best News site.
    LKA - On-line newsmag (or something the sort) where you can find everything, except what not. Fine when you're bored.
    Amiga Pages Online - This is a simple Hungarian On-Line Amiga magazine. Whatever your interests in Amiga computers from Hardware to Games A-P-O is the homepage for you!
    AMIGA FLAME - All from the world of Amiga Games. Recent updates, always the hottest informations, screenshots and articles.
    AMIGA NUTTA - Fine layout, always up to date site about Amiga Games.
    CUCUG.ORG - An almost complete set of official press releases, but rather few other news from the world. Huge database, search engines, and tons of links. A well known, traditional Amiga News site.
    BLUE LION NEWSPAPER- On-line newspaper for amiga users who want to be creative..  
    SEXY AMIGA - The second hungarian on-line magazine, maintained by Soya. Worths a look, has a couple of articles. Hope itt will evolve as fast as good it is today.  

    HILANDR HOMEPAGE - Nice page with many own game previews, and user related programs.
    AMIGOS - A hungarian site about all amiga related topics: hardware, software, and links. There is a special issue discussing Amiga related usage of the A-Drive.
    SMITH PAGES - A hungarian site with dozens of downloads, and some information about the author. The design is fine, and Amiga related only.
    SIMBA PAGE - A quality site, made with Amiga only. Worths a glance.
    NAPI2 PAGES - A hungarian site of the article factory Napi2. Worths a look, has tons of texts on line, strictly for Hungarians!.
    GKSOFTWARE - Official website of the GKSoftware, in the future will contain programs and other useful stuffs.
    UNREAL PAGES - A site dedicated to the artwork of Unreal. Finetuned gfxs, done by Unreal himself.  

    AMIGAONLY HOMEPAGE - The greatest hungarian amiga magazine, which has a quite sophisticated homepage with an enermous, and regularly growing structure and content. Don't miss it!
    AMIGAVILÁG HOMEPAGE - At last the website of the newest Hungarian Amiga Papermag, AmigaVilág has been launched. Not so sophisticated, but an evolving one, with impressing plans for the future.
    AMIGARULEZ HOMEPAGE - The AmigaRuleZ emerged after the AMIGAonly. Actually there's not too much content on their homepage, as it is in under construction state, but worths a look.  

    pH03N1x HOMEPAGE - Official site of the world famous MooVId mov/avi player, and the Savage Shapeshifter gfx driver.  

    CLICKBOOM - One of the most active Amiga game related firms. Breathtaking conversions, and stunning native Amiga products galore, in an excellent environment.
    VULCAN SOFTWARE - An Amiga and PC game related firm, responsible for many quality games. You can find here everything related with the games and Vulcan software.
    TITAN COMPUTER - A well known Amiga developer firm, dealing not with only quality Amiga games but utils and other programs as well.
    APC&TCP - A game developer firm, developing only Amiga games - very good ones though. The site is in 2 languages, english and deutsch.  

    #AMIGAHU - userlist with photos and biographies.  



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