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When was it? No one can remember...

In the slimy, glowing fog of distance, yes, then a story has begun...

In the early nineties Emeric SH founded SpaceHawks, on C64 back then. There were just cooperations with ReByC (now Tyrant). Later, with no personal change, SpaceHawks moved to Amiga platform. As MurmidoneS founded, Emeric became shared between MurmidoneS and SpaceHawks. SpaceHawks was pretty close to nonexistance then.

Muad´Dib SH arrived as second. Joined as a musician. SpaceHawks was the Amiga section of MurmidoneS for a while, but later Emeric SH ceased his MurmidoneS membership. (but not the friendship) Ladislav SH joined for a short time, but he stood still in MurmidoneS. In those early days arrived Zeus SH, and Achos SH followed him. Ladislav SH left MurmidoneS, and joined SpaceHawks once more. The result was the Nuclear Induction intro, never released on any pardey.

It´s 96, the Cache party at Cachekemét. Zooley SH recruited, we were all just wondering on the quality of his musics. Recruited because of the global impression in the team, that followed his attendance.

Iceal SH joined next, as religious advisor, he is the most remarkable Pistike ever existed. Juhi joined for only a short time, but left SpaceHawks soon, due to his serious machinery problems.

Zooley became shared between Contract and SpaceHawks, seems like there were no production required his talent. We hope, that soon there will be something exciting.

Soon after we´ve met with Rockers musics, and now he is the main musician of the group, athought he isn´t a member. Later too coders joined our lines, Lui and Attis SH.

Then the ancient story flows into the peaceful stream of nowadays. SpaceHawks is bold and still existing. Prospering and working on every possible area of computer technology.

And finally then... Destruction has been released to fly.